Third Party Testing

Fiberglass Epoxy Casing/Pipe and Screens has been extensively tested by outside ( non-affiliated ) Researchers and Laboratories, and the results of these Tests have been published, as follows;


1) Dr. Cowgill "a Six Week Dwell/Time Study of PVC and FRE materials."

     Published in ASTM STP-963,  whereby her Laboratory obtained samples of FRE from the dry machining of the couplings. The particle size       was extremely small which maximized the contact with the Leachate to the Particles, and was subsequently tested numerous times               during the 6 week Trial.

     The results of this testing is incorporated into the Testing Pages of this document and a full copy of the Study, Protocol, and results, can         be obtained by contacting F.W.S.Inc. . ( contact info at the "contact" page of this Website ).

    Also,as part of this Study, a long term ( over 3,000,000 gallons ) test was done on PVC Piping going to the Laboratory to supply De-Ionized      Water. The analyses and results are also part of the ASTM Publication.

2) ASTM sponsored a massive Study which was accomplished over a period of years by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Cold Regions              Research Laboratory. The Laboratory tested, virtually, LL the Casing materials, presently in use for Groundwater Monitoring and                      Remediation. This research is part of the ASTM Research Library and can be located there.

    The overall results declared that "FRE established superior Leach resistance and high Chemical Resistance and is a valuable              alternative to Stainless Steel or PVC.

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